Cork Yoga Mat & Bag Giveaway

Did you know: most yoga mats are highly toxic! Some are made from really nasty chemicals, like PVC. And most contain plastic softeners like phthalates, which are not only toxic to the planet, but to your health, when you breathe in their fumes. YUK!

Luckily, there is a solution. An eco-friendly yoga mat made of cork! And CorkYogis make the best.

Cork not only doesn’t hurt trees – it actually saves them! Since it comes from the regenerating bark of cork oaks, it makes these trees profitable, thus these forests are saved from cutting.

And of course, cork not only biodegrades, but it also does no harm to your health, either. Oh, AND it naturally ‘sticks’ to the floor. Which means you won’t go flying when you get up from your downward dog!

CorkYogis would like you to try one of their fab cork mats for yourself. Worth around $100, these mats are lightweight, washable, and just get better with age.

But that’s not all! CorkYogis would like to offer you a gorgeous mat holding bag as well! Each bag is made from an upcycled sari, and 10% of all CorkYogi profits to Destiny Reflection, a Kolkata based charity that supports survivors of sex slavery and human trafficking. How great is that?