Custom Nail Solutions Set Of Lovely Custom-Fit Artificial Nails Giveaway

One lucky winner will win a set of beautiful, non-chipping, and everlasting custom-fit nails guaranteed to never chip, crack, or stain. Custom Nail Solution nails are custom-fit from personal impressions, using dental putty, taken from each client’s individual nail beds which are as unique as a fingerprint. The nails will fit no one in the world but the woman who takes the impressions!
Custom Nail Solutions offers a truly customizable approach, allowing you to choose the nail length (Sport, Active, Fashion, Glamour, or Stiletto ranging from 3-8mm beyond the end of your natural nail), the smile line (Classic or Deep) and shape (Oval or Square). Designs included French tipped or solid pink. You can also decorate the custom-fit nails with any brand or color nail polish, nail wraps, and nail stickers without the risk of staining or discoloration.



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