Diamonds International Shopping Spree Sweepstakes

Enter for your chance to win a $2000 Safi Kilima collection shopping spree from Diamonds International!



Void in Quebec. Entrants must be of the age of majority.

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Mary Strong Newlin
Mary Strong Newlin
7 years ago

In the past 2 to 3 years our finances were such that I needed to sell all of my gold jewelry. And all of my beautiful stones. Although it broke my heart, I would do it again for my husband and 3 children. I am now wearing a nice sterling silver set with CZ, and I have grown to love it for different reasons. I have a family that appreciates the sacrifice I made but secretly , in my heart , I dream of the day when I can maybe have another beautiful gold set. And replace the jewelry I had hoped to pass on toy children.

Velma Seitz
Velma Seitz
7 years ago

1st sweepstakes