The Extra And Teleflora “Deliver For Mom” Contest

Go to Extra’s website and tell how your Mother has delivered for you and you’ll be entered for your chance to win one of five $10,000 cash prizes!


(5) Grand Prizes: $10,000 to each winner selected by Sponsor plus a cash award to cover the estimated cost of federal taxes.


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11 years ago

Ricardo, thank you so much for sharing your story with us, but commenting here does not enter you into the contest. Please click on the green “Entry Page” button above and enter your store on the entry page on Extra’s website! Good Luck!

Ricardo Sanchez
Ricardo Sanchez
11 years ago

Hi,my name,is Ricardo Sanchez I wanna,enter my wife in the contest. My wife,is a awesome woman. We have 4 daughters together,and I had one before we got married. We got married when she,was 20,and I was 30 she had accept the responsiblity of taking care,of my daughter,and was pregnant with our 1st. My 1sr child mother put her through hell from being jealous to calling cps on her when she never did anything wrong. I notice through the,years she never ever gave up on our marriage. She had remain a strong woman who loves,and serves the Lord Jesus Christ. She always go out of her way to help others even if its her last. I support her,and have her back through everything. She a stay at home mom while I work being a truck driver. She never has,time for herself only when I’m home. She makes sure,I,and the kids have a hot meal on the table. She cleans,and wash the dishes,and the clothes. If anybody deserves,it ,my wife should. Thank you I pray that she wins.