Extra TV Back To College Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win a Back to College Prize Pack.

Prize includes:

  • Celsius Energy Drink – CELSIUS Healthy Energy Drink powers active lives every day with healthy, functional energy that is clinically proven to boost your metabolism and help you burn body fat. Prize included mug.
  • Dippin’ Daisy’s – A female-founded, USA-made swimwear brand, Dippin’ Daisy’s is committed to sustainability, eco-consciousness, and celebrating every woman with designs that flatter every shape and size so every girl can feel powerful and confident. Prize includes mask.
  • KareCo – The Tangle Buster® Brush gently massages and glides as it eliminates knots, thanks to its uniquely flexible paddle and ionic bristles, making it ideal for sensitive scalps and protecting hair of all textures from breakage.
  • Kamshield – Protect your laptops, tablets, and computer devices with a Kamshield webcam cover, your privacy is our priority.
  • La Parfait Cosmetics – La Parfait Cosmetics is owned by strong empowering women that are working together to create a sophisticated skin care line, with the possibility to be tailored for all skin types, leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and radiant.
  • MaskMarket.com – Custom masks from the Custom Mouth Selfie face masks and LED Smart voice-activated mask that simulates your facial expressions when you talk. Prize includes one mask.
  • McFadin – Handbags, luggage and accessories made by two sisters in Texas. Prize includes a clutch.
  • Soundcore – Endorsed by 10 Grammy audio engineers, Liberty 2 Pro ear buds use the unique ACAA driver to deliver in-ear studio performance.
  • Stuffed Puffs® – Stuffed Puffs® are chocolate stuffed marshmallows filled with real milk chocolate that are great for toasting, roasting, baking and snacking. Prize includes a candle.
  • Plus – Winner will receive sunglasses and a backpack.
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