Friendly Asked Questions

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-What is
-Does ILoveGiveaways sponsor all of these promotions?
-Do I have to pay to have access to the promotions on is a free database of Sweepstakes, Giveaways, Instant Win Games and other promotions found all over the internet. does not sponsor all these promotions. We are a free service that collects the information that is most important and posts it into one central location with a direct link to the entry page. This saves you time and makes it much easier for you to enter as many promotions as possible!

-You have the promotions divided into different categories. What do these mean?
-What’s the difference between a Giveaway and a Sweepstakes?

  • Sweepstakes and Giveaways: A promotion where the winner(s) is chosen by random drawing from all eligible entries. Sometimes a promotion has a set number of prizes that are given to the first responders. This is not a random drawing, this is a first-come first-serve promotion. In general, the sweepstakes are hosted by corporations or brands and the giveaways are hosted by bloggers and small businesses.
  • Instant Win: This is a promotion where the sponsor has already predetermined the time the winner(s) will be selected for a prize. The first person to “play” the game on or after that predetermined time will be immediately notified they are a winner. Typically this promotion has a short, interactive game that the entrant is required to play, like spinning an online wheel.
  • Contests: This is a promotion where the winner(s) will be determined through a judge or popular vote. This is not a random drawing. Entrant will be required to submit something for judging such as an essay or photo. These promotions require a strict adherence to entry guidelines usually set forth in the Official Rules page associated with the promotion.
  • Blogs: This is a promotion that is being promoted on a blog.
  • Facebook: This is a promotion that is being promoted on and/or requires interaction from the entrant’s Facebook page. Typically you will have to “Like” the sponsor’s page and/or “allow” an application to enter.
  • Twitter: This is a promotion that is being promoted on and/or requires interaction from the entrant’s Twitter account. Typically you will have to “Tweet” or “Retweet” a message with specific hashtags to enter.

-Why is this promotion listed as a Sweepstakes AND a Giveaway?
-Why does this promotion show up in multiple categories?

Some companies have one promotion that includes multiple ways to win during the same promotional period. For example, there is a Grand Prize by entering their Sweepstakes, but you could come back every day to play their Instant Win Game. Since the link to registering for the Sweepstakes automatically leads you to the Instant Win Game of the same sponsor, we list this promotion as a Sweepstakes AND an Instant Win Game.

-Why do I have to have a Facebook and/or Twitter account to enter some promotions?
-I don’t have a Facebook and/or Twitter account and don’t want one, can I still enter this promotion?
-If it says Facebook and/or Twitter in the Category section, do I have to have a Facebook and/or Twitter account to enter?

Companies connect with their customers through many different avenues: in-store, on their website, over the radio, social medias, email newsletters… ect. Sometimes they do a promotion just through one of those avenues to show their appreciation for that audience. If they are doing a promotion over Facebook, you may be required to have a Facebook account to enter. This is similar to an in-store promotion. If you want to win an in-store prize, you have to be willing to go to the store and register your name in the drawing. If a promotion says Twitter in the Category section, then you must have a Twitter account to enter.

-You have the word “Giveaway” in the title, why isn’t it listed under the “Giveaway” category?

Many people use the term “Giveaway” to mean “Sweepstakes” or other types of promotions. We try to use the title the sponsor has chosen for their promotion. If the sponsor calls it a “Giveaway” but doesn’t have prizes for first responders, we do not put it in the “Giveaway” category. We do this to make sure that those who are searching for true, first-come first-served promotions won’t be confused by a “Sweepstakes” that has the term “Giveaway” in the title.

-Why do I have to give out all my personal information to enter?
-Why does this promotion require my phone number to enter?
-What will the sponsor do with my personal information?
-Is it safe to give my name and address to the sponsors of the promotions?

Most companies require a significant amount of personal information when you enter their promotion. If your name is selected as a potential winner, they need the information you registered with to contact you. Some companies require more information then others, but it is at your discretion how much of your personal information you want to disclose. If you’re not comfortable giving them all the information they require, you may not be eligible to enter. For safety concerns or to learn what the sponsor will do with that personal information during and after the promotion, we encourage you to consult the individual Privacy Policies of each sponsor.

-I live outside of the USA, can I enter all of these promotions?
-Who is allowed to enter the promotions labeled “International” under Country?

The majority of the promotions in our database are for USA residents only, but we include many that are open to residents of Canada and the UK as well! If we find a promotion that accepts entries from residents from other countries, then we label that in the “International” category. See the Official Rules of that promotion to find out if your country of residence is included.

-It says you have to have a Code to enter. Where do I get these?
-Do I have to purchase an item to get a Code to enter this promotion?

Rest assured, all of the promotions in’s database are NO PURCHASE NECESSARY promotions. You will never be required to buy something to get a Code to enter. If a Code is required for entry, we specify how to enter via the NO PURCHASE NECESSARY method. Check the “Notes” section for instructions on how to get a Free Code.

-I know of a promotion that you may not have on your website. How do I send you the link?

If you know of a promotion and want to share it with all the other readers, click on “Add a Giveaway” at the top right of our homepage.