Holiday Fuel Your Drive and Instant Win & Sweepstakes

Enter for your chance to win a $500 Holiday gift card or instant win prizes.

Instan Win Prizes:
Hot Coffee or Cappuccino, Iced Coffee (any size) 30,000
Polar Pop or Holiday Pop (any size excl. XXL) 24,000
Froster or Ice Jam (any size) 12,000
Water (purified or spring) (20 oz) 17,500
Snickers (Standard Size) 2,340
Reese Peanut Butter Cup (Standard Size) 2,340
Starbucks Frappuccino, Double Shot Energy or Triple Shot Energy (13.7 – 15 oz) 5,000
Circle K Favorites Chips (2.75 oz) 11,700
Circle K Favorites Gummi Bears (6 oz) 11,700
Circle K Favorites Wriggly Sour Worms (6 oz) 11,700
Circle K Favorites Mountain Mix (7 oz) 11,700
Circle K Favorites Milk Chocolate Raisin (4.5 oz) 11,700
Nerds Gummy Clusters (5 oz) 5,000
Monster Ultra Gold (16 oz) 5,000
Red Bull Coconut Sugarfree (8.4 oz) 5,000
Fuel Offers: Save 5¢ per gallon, Limit 20 gallons* 29,500
Fuel Offers: Save 15¢ per gallon, Limit 20 gallons** 13,000
Fuel Offers: Save 25¢ per gallon, Limit 20 gallons*** 6,000

Grand Instant Win Prizes
$100 Holiday Gift Card (6)

Random Drawing – Grand Win Prize
$500 Holiday Gift Card (1)

Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

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