Pepsi Flavor & Fun Giftacular Instant Win Game

Prizes (50): Beginning in March of 2023, each winner shall receive one (1) case of Frito-Lay chips/snacks (“Snacks”) and one (1) case of PepsiCo beverages USG, Lori’s and HC GPOs Giftacular 3 (“Drinks”), each month, for twelve (12) consecutive months. For Snacks: Each case shall contain thirty (30) single-serve bags. For Drinks: Each case shall contain twenty-four (24) beverages. For Snacks and Drinks: The brand, flavor and size of each product included in the cases shall be determined by Sponsor, in its sole discretion. Winners do not have a choice of which case of Sponsor’s product they will receive and must accept prize as stated or prize will be forfeited.