Red Riding Hood Sweepstakes

From the Director of Twilight comes the fantasy thriller “Red Riding Hood”. For decades, the people of the village of Daggerhorn have mianianted an uneasy truce with the werewolf, who prowls at every full moon, by offering the beast a monthly animal sacrifice to quench its appetite. But under a blood red moon, the wolf changes the stakes by taking the life of one of their own…


1-Messenger Bag
1-Wolf Letter Opener in “Red Riding Hood” Box
3-Red Moleskin Journals
3-Red Pens
3-Men’s Full Zip Hoodies
3-Men’s Wolf Tee
3-Women’s Wolf Tee
3-5×7 “Red Riding Hood” Tattoo Sheets
3-Red Riding Hood: From the Script to Screen Books (Paperback-192 pgs)


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