Snickers Crunchy or Creamy Instant Win Game

Enter for your chance to win a one-year supply of Snickers bars and a Snickers branded swag kit.

GRAND PRIZE (5): A one (1) year supply of SNICKERS® bars, and a SNICKERS branded swag kit, consisting of a SNICKERS Creamy or SNICKERS Crunchy branded hat, bandana, flag, socks, t-shirtandtote bag. Brand of the swag kit (Creamy or Crunchy) will be selected by Sponsor in its sole discretion, subject to available supplies, and may not correspond to the brand the winner voted for. Prize package will be delivered in one (1) delivery of the entire swag kit, and 360SNICKERS bars(various flavors, brands and sizes, determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion).

CRUNCHY INSTANT PRIZES (792): One (1) CRUNCHY SNICKERS branded swag item:

Flag (132available).
Hat (132available).
.Socks (132pairs available).
Tote Bag (132available).
Bandana (132available).

CREAMY INSTANT PRIZES (528): (1) CREAMY SNICKERS branded swag item:

T-shirt (88available)
Flag (88available).
Hat (88available).
Socks (88pairs available).
Tote Bag (88available).
Bandana (88available)

16 years old and older.

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Country: USA | Age: OTHER | Entry Frequency: DAILY
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