Sunnybrook Gardens End of Summer Stay-Cation Giveaway

Sunnybrook Gardens End of Summer Stay-Cation Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win natural, vegan friendly Soaps and Skincare!



Three bars of our long-lasting Hand-milled Soaps: enjoy our Hand-milled Unscented Water Kefir Soap, Hand-milled Ylang Ylang Soap, and our Hand-milled French Clay and Juniper Soap!
One bar of our Cold Process Unscented Organic Coconut Milk Soap that is handmade with organic vegetable oils and butters and creamy organic coconut milk for a smooth and luxurious bar of soap!
One travel size bottle of our Unscented Organic Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap that is handmade with organic olive oils for a very gentle and creamy liquid soap… also try it as a soothing bubble bath to relax and unwind!
One jar of our Barbershop Shaving Soap handcrafted with organic oils plus organic shea butter and Rhassoul clay for an extra smooth shave!
One large bottle of our Special Order Cedarwood Dry Shampoo for light hair that is a quick, easy and chemical free way to refresh both your hair and skin!

One small jar of our Special Order Sea Clay Body Mud Mask for a messy yet luxurious treat for your skin!

One Special Order Spearmint Beard and Mustache Wax to tame the facial hair on your favorite man (also makes for a nice cuticle treatment too!)

One large bottle of our Chamomile Lemongrass Mineral Bathing Salts to relax and enjoy a spa-quality soak at home!

One Special Order Bergamot Solid Perfume for luxurious and relaxing scent that is easy to take with you wherever you go!

One Natural Lip Balm to keep your lips looking and feeling their best without an added colors, flavors or shine!

One Lavender Vanilla Lava Lip Gloss for a relaxing and delicious way to care for your lips when you don’t mind a bit of shine!

One handcrafted Cedarwood Soap Dish for a beautiful way to keep your soap well-drained between uses.
Plus a $20 gift certificate coupon for use on a future purchase