Sweet PotaTOASTS S’mores Sweepstakes

Sweet PotaTOASTS S’mores Sweepstakes

Enter for your chance to win a Toasty & Sweet S'mores with a gluten-free, superfood spin.


PRIZE: 1 winner will receive ten (10) free Sweet PotaTOASTS coupons, each coupon offers one (1) Free Sweet PotaTOASTS product up to $11.99 maximum value each, one (1) Solo Stove’s Ranger fire pit $269.99 in value+ one (1) set of roasting sticks $64.99 in value, 3 bags of Cinnamon Churro and 3 bags of Toasted Vanilla from Smashmallow each $4.00 in value and one (1) Hu Chocolate Bundle $45 in value. For a total value of $523.88


 Excluding Alaska and Hawaii.