The Fifth Third 53 Yard Drive Sweepstakes

The Fifth Third 53 Yard Drive Sweepstakes

Driving down student loan debt every 53 yards!


PRIZE(S): One Winner will receive a grand prize of up to $28,090 toward repayment of his/her personal student loan debt, plus up to $9,200, to contribute toward payment of associated federal income taxes. The total grand prize will be determined by the number of 53 yard, or more, offensive drives by Cincinnati Bengals during the 2019 season. Each of these drives, up to a maximum of 53 drives, will add $530 to the grand total. (example: if the Bengals complete 40 drives of at least 53 yards in 2019, the grand prize will be $21,200). To claim a Prize, you will be required to complete a W-9 form.


Excluding residents of the states of New York and Florida.