Uphail Drive Sober Superbowl LIV Giveaway

Drive Sober Superbowl LIV Giveaway. We’re giving away 54 free Lyft rides to prevent drunk driving. #DriveSoberSuperBowl. Enter now.

How It works:

1. Sign up to enter the sweepstakes

2. During half-time, we’ll randomly select 54 winners

3. Winners will be notified by text message, and will receive a unique $10 coupon code to enter into the Lyft app

4. The code can only be used within 0.5 miles from your pickup address, between the hours of 10pm-12am on February 2nd

5. Tweet the sweepstakes to receive a bonus entry and double your chances of winning

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Country: USA | Age: 18+ | Entry Frequency: SINGLE
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