Barcalounger Recliner Giveaway

Grand Opening At The Dump!

Grand opening shipments of authentic Barcalounger just unloaded at The Dump – a full 30-60% off price! We couldn’t be more excited about these deals. What’s not to love about Barcalounger’s fully powered seating wrapped in the most luxurious top grain leathers – all at the biggest savings ever?!?

To celebrate the Grand Opening, The Dump is giving away 10 FREE Barcaloungers! You’ve dreamed of dumping your old chair – now you can get your buns in a new Barcalounger for free!

Here’s the deal: The more actions you take, the more entries you get.
Don’t sit on this – winners will be drawn July 5th!
Enter now and increase your chances!

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