Fuss Free Flavours: Magix Movie Editor Pro Plus Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win video editing software from Magix Movie!


1 Winner will receive one copy of Magix Movie Edit Pro MX Plus Software.


This blog uses Rafflecopter to collect entries.

Additional entries available through social medias.

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Davia Gorman
Davia Gorman
12 years ago

If I won the contest I would film myself and a few other people who have suffered severe complications and permant disabity from having weight loss surgery, how myself and others like me are honest about life, the good and bad days, Our personal sharing about our depths of sadness and peaks of joy and everything in-between! I want not only share my story but also allow others the chance to join in so this becomes a true opportunity for My Children, Friends, Family and Community to see that though the Doctors May Give Up on You, Your Body May Give Up on You, People may even give up on you.. This surgery was not a “quick fix” and for those of us who are the .002% Of worst case scenarios… We are giving those odd makers a shove back.. By Truly Loving, Living, Learning and Teaching Others That Despite having to exsist with all odds stacked against us.. We have with each new day the blessing and responsibilty of Taking each new day and living Strongly, Boldly, Totally Making sure every literal fiber of our being is envoked! I cannot take back my choice of having this surgery to… Read more »