Good Housekeeping: May 2012 Daily Sweepstakes

Enter 31 daily sweepstakes from Good Housekeeping! Each day of May opens a new prize and another chance to enter to win each previous day’s prize!


Date and prize available to win are as follows:

5/1: $100 Gift Card for sneakpeeq.
5/2: Jessie Steele Apron Set.
5/3: Nanda Home Tocky Clock.
5/4: Revisions Design Studio set of Egg Candles and Sprouts.
5/5: Kalorik Electric Corkscrew & $25 sneakpeeq Gift Card.
5/6: POOCHKIS Aussie Ritz Slips.
5/7: MENU Glass Tea Kettle.
5/8: Urban Trim Umbrella in Splash & NYC design.
5/9: SCOUT by Bungalow set of 3 bags.
5/10: $100 Gift Card for sneakpeeq.
5/11: Poo-Pourri Daisy Doo Set.
5/12: Kate Spade Cherry Valley Purse.
5/13: $100 Gift Card for sneakpeeq.
5/14: LUG Dodger Mini Backpack.
5/15: Molla Space Paper Pot and $25 sneakpeeq Gift Card.
5/16: Natural Fitness Eco-Smart Yoga Kit.
5/17: Binu Natural Soap Angel Set.
5/18: Cake Suzette Cake O’s 24 Piece Gift Set
5/19: $100 Gift Card for sneakpeeq.
5/20: Trina Turk Cosmetic Case.
5/21: Poo-Pourri Original Scent Set.
5/22: Pangea Organics Daily Duo Skin Set.
5/23: $100 Gift Card for sneakpeeq.
5/24: Bee Charming Fortune Cookie Necklace.
5/25: Dr. Denese Firming Peel & $25 sneakpeeq Gift Card.
5/26: Ivanka Trump Embossed Ostrich Small Flap.
5/27: $100 Gift Card for sneakpeeq.
5/28: CC Skye Luxe Pave Feather Earrings.
5/29: Kate Spade Beach Bag.
5/30: 2 Soy Delicious Candles.
5/31: $100 Gift Card for sneakpeeq.



To enter WITHOUT STARTING A TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION to Good Housekeeping, select the “CLICK HERE” option.

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11 years ago

i likw to enteryour sweepstakes

11 years ago

i like to enter