Leggy Horse Horseplay $1000 for Amazon, Etsy, Ugallery

Our 5-week “Horseplay” extravaganza has begun! Over the next month or so, we’re giving all our fans a chance to win a prize every weekday. At the same time, you can collect points to win our grand prize: a $1000 gift card to Amazon, Etsy or UGallery, plus a $120 gift card at our official store.

3 Grand Prizes: $1000 gift card for Amazon, Etsy, or Ugallery
3 Secondary Grand prizes: $120 Leggy Horse Gift Cards
30 Tertiary Prizes: $50 Leggy Horse Gift Cards, 5 custom Leggy T-Shirts, 5 custom Leggy Tote bags, 5 custom Leggy Fitness Jackets



Send us your favorite pictures with a caption.
Check back everyday for chances to win!

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