Reut Barak: Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway! 3 Winners of Pre-Release eBook Dark Flame!

Enter and Win!

Winner 1: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 16 GB!

+ 3 winners of: Ebook copies of Dark Flame-delivered directly via BookFunnel

All Amazon countries participate!

The rules are: there ain’t no rules 🙂 Simply enjoy this giveaway!

Dark Flame

It’s the 2nd book in the Evans Urban trilogy. It’s only coming out in September, so you’re getting a copy before everyone!

A terrible mistake, a lover losing control, and an unforgivable sacrifice for saving the next generation…

Julie refuses to live in fear. Though she’s crossed the line, one way or another she will do whatever it takes to fight against the Guild’s threats of retaliation for she did for Mark. But the twenty six year old is horror-struck when she discovers that the Guild intends to put both Mark and their future children six feet under.

Looking for help to save her husband’s life, Julie allies with the new head of the Guild against the members who want Mark dead. But when Mark’s darkness keeps resurfacing, Julie fears that time might run out long before the Guild sends its assassins.

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