Secret Outlast Search For The Busiest Women

Are you one of the busiest women on the planet? Enter for your chance to be the face of Secret Outlast and a tablet computer!


1 Grand Prize: The opportunity to be the next face of Secret Outlast, and a tablet computer (awarded as a $4,500 check). As the next face of Secret Outlast, the winner will have the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot with the brand.


Void in Quebec.

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melissa boyce
melissa boyce
12 years ago

I am a wife and a mother of 2 daughters i graduated at a 3rd grade math and was told by my educaters and family that i was at best going to be a wife and a mother and was told that was an honer. I married a very abusive husband, he was in the navy and found a way to get out which lead to us moveing into his mothers house. Thats when I got on my knees and told the lord I was not very smart but if he helped me find a carrier I would always give hime the credit. soon after I watched a commercial for a trade school for corrections. At the time my husband was not willing to work so I became a checker at fredmyers. when I looked into the school my husband was not willing to watch the girls. I prayed and a lady down the street after telling her I could not aford her she stated she would do it for there lunch a grouchry bag a week i remember crying and thanking God. working days, school nights studying at the checkstand between customers, I graduated at a 4.0. 6 months… Read more »