Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Giveaway

In celebration of the fourth, we are giving away a Brothers Container Load fireworks assortment. With Brothers Container Load, you get the best of the best! 30 pieces are in this giant assortment: 3 artillery shell kits, 3 packs of roman candles, 1 pack of helicopters, 1 pack of ground spinners, 10 fountains, 1 pack of crackers, 5 mine cakes and 6 Heavy Weight 500 gram cakes.



The winner will be drawn on July 4th 2013 at Noon. The fireworks can be picked up from our warehouse in Columbia MO. Shipping can be arranged at the winner’s expense.

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8 years ago

Looks like they have not updated Ty page: Thank you for registering, the drawing will be on June 29th 2012.