The 23rd COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest: Japanese History

The 23rd COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest
The theme of this photo contest is “Japanese History.”

It is a beautiful time of year, with fresh greenery bathed in sunlight.
In these hot days reminiscent of summer, how is everyone doing?

All across Japan there are historical buildings like shrines, temples and castles, as well as natural beauty that has been preserved untouched from the distant past, or the sites of numerous historical events. At places like these we can feel a sense of Japanese tradition and culture.

Please submit a photo that you think symbolizes “Japanese History”, along with your accompanying story of the photo to the Cool Japan Videos Photo Contest!

The photo can be from any kind of device.
We look forward to receiving many wonderful submissions!

【Prizes】Amazon Gift Cards
Grand Prize: 30,000 yen (1 winner)
Honorable mentions 10,000 yen (5 winners)

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