Timber Tones Music Giveaway

“World Music Day is closing in. On the 21st of June, more than 100 countries will celebrate music with free concerts and musicians in the streets.

Timber Tones, luxury guitar plectrums (wood, bone, horn, stone…) decided to join in the fun by stepping its game up and organising a new, better giveaway. This time the winner will get a fine leather wallet filled to brim with plectrums (£70 retail value). There are also multiple runner-up plectrum prizes.”

“How to enter:

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway. Go on our Facebook page, click on the giveaway tab (or just follow the link in that post), like our page and just click to enter.
Alternatively, you can fill in your email address to enter.”



“Competition is limited to one entry per person, however it is possible to acquire bonus entries by performing several tasks such as following us on Twitter. Everything is described on the widget.

The more bonus entries you have, the higher your chances are.”

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