Veetee Rice Are You Chef Enough to Win Contest

Veetee Rice Are You Chef Enough to Win Contest

Winning recipe will be prepared by radio personality Nicole Ryan on Facebook Live, and announced on her SiriusXM Radio Hits1 Morning Mash-up Show to her audience of 10 million listeners! Plus winner will receive $250 supermarket or Visa gift card.



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Gwendolyn V. Shaw
Gwendolyn V. Shaw

Holiday Rice Recipe:

Cook 2cups of Uncle Ben’s Rice along with 1/2 stick of butter,salt to taste,1 chopped onion, and 1 chopped clove of garlic(adjust seasoning based on the amount of rice prepared)

After rice cooks,add 1 cup of raisins(1/2 cup of dark and 1/2 cup of golden),and 1 cup of dried cranberries(Can add additional butter to taste)

Before serving, sprinkle with a little dried or fresh parsley